Navigate the BC PNP International Post-Graduate Stream with NewSteps Immigration

At NewSteps Immigration, we specialize in facilitating your permanent residency in British Columbia through the BC PNP International Post-Graduate Stream. This pathway is perfect for those with a Master’s or Doctorate (PhD) degree in essential scientific fields from BC institutions. Aimed at retaining top-tier talent in the province, this program allows you to leverage your advanced degree towards settling permanently in BC.

Fields of Study and Program Eligibility

Eligible candidates must have completed their degrees in the past three years in one of the following areas, critical to BC’s innovation sectors:
  • Agriculture
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services
  • Engineering and Engineering Technology
  • Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Natural Resources Conservation and Research
  • Physical Sciences
This category is intricately aligned with the federal Express Entry system, granting successful applicants a BC PNP provincial nomination certificate, which awards 600 additional CRS points and typically results in an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence.

2025 Program Changes: What to Expect

Significant changes are on the horizon for the BC PNP International Graduate and International Post-Graduate streams starting in 2025. The BC Provincial Government plans to introduce three distinct streams:
  • Bachelor’s Stream: Targeting graduates with bachelor’s degrees from eligible institutions who hold an indeterminate full-time job offer.
  • Master’s Stream: Designed for those with master’s degrees and at least a one-year full-time job offer in a skilled occupation.
  • Doctorate Stream: Open to PhD graduates and candidates, with specifics on the job offer requirement yet to be detailed.
Furthermore, the language proficiency requirements will be heightened to a minimum of CLB 8 for these new streams, a substantial increase from the current minimum standards.

Your Pathway with NewSteps Immigration

NewSteps Immigration offers a comprehensive suite of services to navigate the BC PNP International Post-Graduate application process smoothly:
  • Personalized Eligibility Review
  • Detailed Application Assistance
  • Post-Arrival Integration Support

Start Your Application Today

Whether you are planning ahead for the upcoming changes in 2025 or looking to apply under the current stream, begin your journey to a successful career and permanent residency in British Columbia with NewSteps Immigration. Our expertise ensures you are well-prepared and supported throughout your application process. Check Your Eligibility Now! Contact NewSteps Immigration to learn more about how we can help you achieve your Canadian dream in British Columbia! Take the first step today and see where your advanced degree can take you!