Temporary Work Permits in Canada

Canada is a dream destination for skilled workers from around the globe. Individuals aiming at excellent career growth prospects plan to work in Canada. These workers help fill Canada’s labor shortage. Most temporary workers require work authorization, but some do not. Newsteps Immigration Solutions Inc. provides a full range of services related to obtaining Canadian work permits. We assist business corporations and non-profit organisations in obtaining Canadian work permits for their employees, and we also help individuals obtain Canadian work permits. In Canada the work permits are divided as:
Temporary Work Permits in Canada
Temporary Work Permits
  • A work permit allows you to work in Canada for a specified time. Most permits are for a specific employer, position and location. A Visa officers assess if you are admissible to Canada, meet the requirements of your job, and have the intention to leave Canada at the end of the authorized period.
  • Work permits can be issued under 2 streams, the International Mobility Program (IMP) or the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) / Canadian work permits with LMIA. For the latter, your employer needs to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) – Canadian work permits with LMIA to demonstrate no suitable Canadians are available for the job. Work permits issued via the IMP for work in certain occupations or on the grounds of an international agreement and are LMIA exempt.
Post Graduate Work Permit / Open Work Permits
  • Open work permits allow you to work for any employer or multiple employers on a full or part time basis. Spouses or common-law partners of study permit holders or skilled work permit holders qualify for an open work permit. Open work permits can also be obtained via the International Experience Canada program (Working Holiday permit) for youth from certain countries. The Bridging Open Work Permit program allows some permanent residence (PR) applicants to work on an open work permit while their PR application is in process.
Spousal Work Permit of International Students / Workers (Canada Open Work Permit for Spouces)
    • If you are an international student bringing your spouse or partner with you under Canada open work permit for spouces, they may be eligible for an open work permit that will allow them to work on or off campus full-time while you study.
Canada open work permit for spouces is a work permit that is not job-specific. It allows your spouse or common-law partner to accept any job with any employer. If your spouse or partner gets an open work permit, it is valid for the same period as your study permits. In some cases, your spouse or common-law partner will need a medical exam. International Experience Canada
  • Many countries have signed an agreement with Canada which gives their young adults the opportunity to participate in programs such as the Working Holiday Program (WHP) or Young Professional Program (YPP). Under the WHP you are issued a 6 months to 2 years open work permit that will allow you to travel and work across Canada. The YPP work permit is for young adults who wish to gain work experience with a specific Canadian employer in their field of study or expertise.
We will assist the foreign worker in gathering, completing and filing all of the necessary documentation required for a temporary work permit. Once all of the necessary information has been submitted and the foreign worker has been determined to meet all admissibility requirements, he/she will receive their temporary work permit and may begin their employment with the Canadian employer. Labour Market Impact Assessment Our certified immigration consultants can answer all your questions about the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Contact our office today and begin the process of hiring foreign workers to fill labor shortages within your Canadian company.