Navigating the Canadian Study System:

In Canada, the pursuit of accessible and quality education for international students is paramount. Understanding Canada’s levels of study is key to finding the right program, and it all begins with a human-centered approach.

Elementary & Secondary Education:

Every child in Canada, by law, attends school from the age of five or six until 16 or 18. Starting with kindergarten, the journey progresses through grades 1 to 12, culminating in a high school diploma that opens doors to post-secondary education. Canadian schools, whether private or public, strive to provide tailored curriculums. Public secondary education is free for residents, with varying fees for international students.

Cost of high school in Canada:

Public secondary education is free for residents; international students can incur fees ranging from approximately $8,000 to $14,000 CAD per year. Pricing can vary!

Post-Secondary Education:

Anything beyond a high school diploma falls under post-secondary education, with various schools serving distinct purposes.


A hub for diverse degrees, including:
  • Bachelor’s Degree: A foundational program lasting three to four years.
  • Master’s Degree: An advanced degree requiring one to three additional years.
  • Doctoral Degree: The pinnacle of academic achievement, demanding three or more years of study post-master’s.


While unable to grant degrees, colleges offer career-oriented programs, certificates, and diplomas. Some recognized colleges even provide bachelor’s and master’s degrees, often focusing on practical skills and employability.

Trade School/Apprenticeships:

Specialized occupations emphasizing hands-on training, often within smaller programs in colleges or vocational schools. Apprenticeships allow aspiring tradespeople to refine their skills alongside experienced mentors.

Vocational School:

Providing education at secondary or post-secondary levels, vocational schools equip students with technical skills for specific jobs. High school diplomas aren’t always required, emphasizing direct entry into the workforce. In the vast landscape of Canadian education, Newsteps Immigration Consultants adopts a personalized, human-centric approach to guide you through the intricacies of program selection, ensuring your educational journey aligns seamlessly with your aspirations and goals.