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Caregiver Eligibility Calculator

Check your eligibility for the Caregiver Permanent Residency program in Canada with NewSteps Immigration’s user-friendly calculator. Simply fill in the details below to find out if you qualify.

Caregiver Eligibility Calculator

This is a standardized test to measure your English or French language proficiency. A CLB level of 4 indicates a basic ability to communicate.

This refers to the number of years you have completed in school, equivalent to a Canadian high school diploma (12 years of education).

This is the amount of time you have worked in a field related to caregiving.

You need a confirmed job offer for a full-time caregiving position in Canada.

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This calculator is a tool to help you determine your potential eligibility for the Caregiver Permanent Residency program. It is not an official assessment. For a comprehensive evaluation and personalized advice, please contact NewSteps Immigration directly.